We offer end-to-end Trial Capabilities


Full-Service Clinical Strategy

Our team partners with our network of physicians and community patients to provide unique and instant insights into protocol design, physician's preferences and interests and creates opportunities to swiftly design study management plan.

Comprehensive Trial Operations

We provide access to mobile and experience study nurse coordinators and clinical project management services, with aim to prevent variability-based errors and increasing protocol adherence.

Data-Driven Site Network

We identify and create ideal sites for your protocol through robust querying of our EHR database. We have partnered with UK based TriNetx platform that provides in-depth insights and analysis of patient population. This platform instantly and directly informs feasibility estimates to generate accurate projections.

Data Capture and Analysis

We have partnered with a USA based CTMS platform, that also integrate eSource , patient engagement and recruitment and EDC all in one, eliminating transcription delays and enabling real-time source data verification.

Patient Centric Approach

Trials' success depends on recruitment and retention and we offer a pathway to success by allowing access to community patients through their trusted GPs. Our model is optimized for community patient's experience. We improve access by connecting with patient communities, and tailor direct touchpoints to support patients from enrolment through completion.