Bring the future of medicine to your practice

Take care of your patients. We'll take care of everything else.

Get involved with leading research

We certify you as Principal Investigator or Sub-Principal Investigator and find studies specifically of your interest for you.

Unique  treatment options for your patients

An opportunity for patients to access new treatments which otherwise would take years to become available.

Be at the forefront of your field

Help advance medical research and pave the way for advances in your specialty.

Increase your revenue

Add a new revenue stream to your practice through clinical trials. We take care of overhead costs, so you don't have to pay out of pocket for study staff , staff training, site accreditation , or study setup.

Take things off your plate

Spend less time on the nitty gritty - Plexus Research handles the details that eat into your time and revenue.

Lead your practice into the future

Put cutting-edge global treatments in your practice and give your patients access to the newest drugs and procedures.

Get new patients

Plexus Research will not only rely on your existing patients for recruitment but also offers possibility to direct independently recruited participant traffic to your clinic.

Benefits of Partnering with Plexus Research:

  • PR finds participants for you through our digital marketing platform.

  • PR trains you and your staff to participate in clinical trials, free of cost.

  • PR accredits your site and if needed, invests in set-up to make your site trial ready, free of cost.

  • PR negotiates contracts and budgets with the sponsor for you.

  • PR provides experienced study coordinators to run your trials.

  • PR schedules trials appointments.

  • PR handles all communications with pharmaceutical and digital health companies.