We connect sponsors with sites and participants by reimagining the clinical trial process

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Largest Clinical Trial Network in South Australia

Why Us?

We are a community-based drug development partner with a rich and diverse SMO network in Australia.

With access to a unique network of GP Investigators and patient populations, and best-in-class technology platform partners, Plexus Research offers end-to-end clinical trials services to local and international pharmaceutical, biotech, digital health and clinical research organisations.

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Bring the future of medicine to your practice.

When you partner with Plexus Research to run clinical trials out of your private practice, we accredit, staff, source and manage studies for you. So you can focus on your patients and changing the future of treatment for their conditions.

Plexus Research offers end-to-end trial capabilities to pharmaceutical, medical device, digital health sponsors and CROs. We offer a diverse and rich Network of Community-based sites, experienced and enthusiastic Principal investigators and clinical staff, driven by latest technology and analytics.

Take control of your health.
We bring new, cutting-edge study treatment to you for free through clinical trials. The best part is, with us this all takes place in a GP practice, where you feel safe in a familiar environment. We will  be there with you on every step of this journey.

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